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CCTV Installations

Watch your home or business premises 24 hours a day on your TV, iPad or iPhone.  Star Installations install CCTV security systems transmitting images directly to your smartphone or iPad using live images through the internet.
If you are out and about or away on holiday, you can quickly and easily log on to your CCTV system and monitor your premises from any location around the world using internet explorer.

How does Mobile CCTV Monitoring Work?

The CCTV DVR connects to the internet by plugging the DVR into a broadband router (via ethernet).  Port Forwarding settings on a broadband router, allows secure external access to your DVR via web browser or dedicated software such as Smartphone applications.  Using specialist DDNS features, you can connect to your live CCTV cameras and recorded footage from any location where there is an internet connection.


Benefits include:

  • 24 hour remote access
  • Access from worldwide location
  • Discreet camera installation
  • Access from iPhone or iPad
  • Visual deterrent